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Plant Swap

Once a month

Join the Naperville Plants Exchange's Plant Swap at Fox Valley!

Bring your plants, cuttings, seeds, and plant accessories to share with others and make new planty friends.

Dates & Times: 

June 10th @ 10-12

July 11th @ 10-12

August 6th @ 10-12

September 10th @ 3-5

October 1st @ 3-5

We’ll be meeting at one of the mall’s outer parking lots. Here are the Google coordinates:

When in doubt, look for a white minivan with a yellow smiley face attached to it.

Btw, there’s a taco truck right next to us this year. Que rico!!!

* Everyone must have at least one plant, cutting, seed packet, or plant accessory (example: pots, macrame hangers) to trade.
* All indoor and outdoor varieties are welcome.
* All plant items must be in individual pots, containers of water, or have their roots/lower stems wrapped in moist paper towels.
* Try to label your plants, if possible. It would also be helpful if you could include care instructions.
* All plant items must be pest-free and healthy.
* All swaps must be agreed to BY BOTH PARTIES. Please DO NOT grab plants without express permission from the owner. Swap, yes. Swipe, no.
* Bring a cardboard box, wagon, cart, or other means for carrying your trades around. If you have a lot of items, you can open up the back of your car tailgate-style or set up a folding table.
* We will have a freebie table if you’d like to drop off any plants without needing a trade.
* Temporary canopies are allowed if the temps are too uncomfortable for us or our plants.
* Kids are welcome.
* Please leave four-legged friends at home.

For more information, visit