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What to Wear to Your Upcoming Halloween Party

By Sara Antonuccio
So you have a Halloween party coming up, but you’re stuck at the last minute with nothing to wear. How can you pull something fitting for a Halloween party together with only what you have in your closet and makeup collection, and maybe a quick trip to the store? Here are some ideas to consider, depending on whether it’s a costume party or not
Easy Costumes
Minimal effort ideas are more generic; they’re easier to put together because you have more room to get creative and add your own interpretation. Some minimal-effort costume ideas include:
  • Rockstar - Spiked hair, skinny jeans, combat boots, and some leather are all you need for a rockstar outfit, plus some wild makeup for good measure! If you’re more of a groupie than a star, pull out one of your old band t-shirts and rock on. 
  • Princess - Is your closet full of gorgeous dresses that only come out for special occasions? Do you sip your tea pinky up and dream of living in a castle? Let that fantasy come alive for at least one day. You’ll need sparkly earrings, a long, flowing dress, and animals following you around while you sing.
  • Influencer - Every year, society gives us new costume ideas that come from trends and pop culture. A new kind of celebrity is the latest inspiration: the influencer. If you wear workout clothes or an expensive-looking sweatsuit, style your hair to be ultra voluminous, and hold your phone up in front of yourself all night, you’ll be the perfect influencer lookalike. 
  • 90s Pop Culture Character - The fashion world has been smitten with the 90s lately, and for good reason. 90s pop culture icons and characters gave us some memorable fashion moments, so pick your favorite celebrity look or movie character and travel back in time! Some popular choices include Elle Woods (Legally Blonde), Cher (Clueless), and Vivian Ward (Pretty Woman). 
Non-Costume Outfits
If you’re not attending a costume party, or costumes aren’t your thing, you can still get into the spirit of the holiday! These ideas are classy and grown up, but still have elements that make them fitting for a Halloween get-together:
  • Little Black Dress - Black for Halloween might not be groundbreaking, but it is a universally flattering shade, and the little black dress is a classic! You’re bound to have one sitting in your closet waiting for the right moment.
  • Something Sequin - Sequins are in for fall, and at a party they fit right in! A sequin mini skirt with a long sleeve shirt, flowy sequin pants, or even a full sequin jumpsuit are all ways to wear the trend. 
  • Witchy Dress - Even if you’re not wearing a costume, you can still get into the spirit of things and try a look you wouldn’t do any other day. A dress that gives off witchy vibes is an easy place to start, and complemented by dark makeup and deep purple lipstick, it’s stylish enough for a party and spooky enough for the holiday.
  • Ivy League Prepster - Is witchy a little too much for you? The opposite direction for a not so Halloweeny outfit is ivy league prep. You know the look: pleated skirt, white button up blouse, and a great blazer or a sweater tied around your shoulders. 
Whether you love to go all out for Halloween parties or prefer to keep it casual, there are so many easy ways to dress for the occasion without spending weeks putting together a full costume. Your closet is filled with inspiration; all you have to do is look!