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Summer Dress Styles for 2021

By Sara Antonuccio
Besides the sun, sand, and beach, what’s one of the best parts of summer? Summer dresses, of course! The flowing skirts, short sleeves, and fun prints make the heat much more bearable. If last summer’s styles are looking a bit stale to you, though, take a look at these dresses for 2021 that will bring some excitement back into your wardrobe. 
Get ready to show some skin, because cutouts are one of the top trends this year. If you’re a little skin shy, don’t worry, because you have plenty of options. Wide open backs are one way to go, but runways are also featuring simple oval shaped cutouts that only expose a small portion of your back, and they’re also favoring side cutouts that give your hips some attention. These styles look best on long, form fitting dresses. 
Full on Floral
We’re not talking simple, dainty florals here. The bigger, the better. Summer 2021 florals are here to make a statement, so big patterns and bold colors are the name of the game. Tropical florals are a constant favorite, and colors like sparkling blues that remind you of the mediterranean and deep lipstick reds stand out in the best way possible. 
Slinky Slips
The end of the 20th century marked the rise of the underwear-as-outerwear movement, and slip dresses were front and center. They’re making their way back into the mainstream, and for summer they’re the perfect way to stay cool and stylish at the same time. Light, breezy fabrics characterize slip dresses, and depending on the shape, color, and cut, you can wear them in casual settings or for more formal occasions. 
Statement Sleeves
Sleeveless is great, but you know what’s even better, at least this year? Statement sleeves! Puffy sleeves give a dress a little more pomp and circumstance, and when paired with the open back trend, they create a dress that will turn heads. But it’s not just puff sleeves that have designers transfixed; flare sleeves are popping up more and more. To prevent the look from getting a bit too medieval, choose a flare sleeve dress that’s knee length or shorter; any longer and you’ll have a Gwynevere vibe. 
Earth Tones
We talked about bold colors earlier, but interestingly enough, bright isn’t a big trend this year. Instead, earth tones are gracing fabrics more often than not. Brown in particular is being chosen as a favorite by designers, along with deep burnt orange, olive green, and khaki. Pick a slip or cutout dress in any of these colors, and you’ll embody this season’s signature look!
Dresses are an ultra simple way to explore your sense of fashion and try things that might be outside your comfort zone. Show a little skin, wear something that makes a statement, and no matter what you wear, just be you!