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Last Minute Valentine's Gifts for your Significant Other

By Sara Antonuccio
Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that sneaks up on you. Sure, the heart shaped goodies in every store should offer some hint, but you still might’ve left gift buying for the last minute. Don’t panic! There are plenty of thoughtful last minute options, including these:

The Gift of Food

Good food is the way to anyone’s heart. Gift your significant other a basket filled with their favorite snacks, or go one step further and sign up for a subscription box. There are dozens of snack-based subscription boxes, from international treats to classics. You could also test run a meal delivery service for a convenient way to learn the art of cooking together.

Printable Love Coupons

Want to get a gift you can put together from home? The internet is full of printable “love coupons” with vouchers for dinner, massages, movie nights, and even winning an argument! You can likely find a free set online to print out, or use what you find as inspiration to create your own. 

Stay At Home Date

If your partner is always the one to plan out dates, they might appreciate a fully planned out date as a gift! Stay at home dates are easy to put together and take the pressure off, not to mention they’re much more intimate. A great stay at home date idea is a movie with a themed dinner or snacks to go along with it. 

Massage Oil

This gift is twofold. Your gift of massage oil should come with a head to toe massage for your partner, naturally. If you don’t know how to give a massage, YouTube is your friend. Don’t forget to set the mood with candles, soft lighting, and relaxing music. Who knows, if you end up giving a great massage, you might get a turn of your own!

Couples Games

Sexy truth or dare, anyone? Experience gifts are increasingly popular, and what’s a better experience than getting playful with your significant other on the day of love? There are plenty of couples game phone apps, but you can also go old school and find card games. From risqué to tame, there’s something for every type of couple.

Last minute doesn't have to mean rushed! There are plenty of well thought out gifts you can get your significant other, but remember that the most precious thing you have to offer is your love. No matter which gift you choose, ensure it comes with a healthy dose of XOXO.