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Home Essentials to Keep You Warm and Cozy

By Sara Antonuccio
Home is the place to feel comfortable, secure, and, during the colder months, warm and cozy. If you feel like your home is missing that special something, try adding a few of these essentials to increase your home’s hygge:

Cashmere Throw Blanket

Nothing says comfort like cashmere. This soft, luxurious material makes the perfect throw blanket to cuddle up under on a relaxing Sunday morning or after a long day. If you have a special someone, make sure you get a blanket that’s just the right size for the two of you! 

Fuzzy Slippers

Say goodbye to cold feet! Fuzzy slippers will keep your toes nice and warm and prevent that shocking moment of transitioning from carpet to freezing cold wood or tile. Some ideal materials for the most comfortable slippers include faux fur and shearling.

Faux Fur Rugs

Rugs are another option to cover up cold floors and provide a more cozy surface to walk on. But don’t just choose any old rug; select one that has a pleasant feeling, like faux fur. You can also add rugs over the top of carpeting to make the space feel even more luxurious.


Every home should have candles for decor, ambience, and scent. The soft glow creates a feeling of warmth and romance and is a great stand-in for those who don’t have a fireplace. The number of scents to choose from is staggering, and there’s most certainly a fragrance suited to every style, from sweet and floral to musky and rich. 

Massage Cushion

Massage chairs are the ultimate home luxury, but they can be cost prohibitive and take up a lot of space. A massage cushion is an excellent alternative due to its affordability and portability. Some higher end massage cushions even have different massage modes and heating elements for the ultimate at-home massage.

Home is where everything cozy should be, and with these essentials, you’ll be able to create a space that’s warm, welcoming, and completely yours.