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Fall’s Biggest Fashion Trends

By Sara Antonuccio
Are you already eyeing your sweaters with desire? Have you started to dust off your knee-high boots and warmer coats? Fall is in the air, and for those of us who love the cooler weather, it can’t come a moment too soon. While you wait for the weather to change, the leaves to turn, and pumpkin spice flavors to emerge, think over these fashion trends that will be huge this fall:
Metallic Fabrics
Space-age chic, anyone? Shiny metallic is an eye-catching look, and that’s the goal of this new trend. Sleek gold jackets, shiny silver blouses, daring copper pants and accessories—anything goes. To avoid looking too retro, avoid crazy prints like zebra or psychedelic unless that’s your thing, of course! 
Cropped Jackets
It might seem counterintuitive to wear less fabric for fall, but cropped jackets are great for layering! Size up a bit, and you can wear a cozy turtleneck sweater over a structured cropped collared jacket, or add a cropped leather jacket to a knit dress. One of our favorite throwback styles is a shorty jean jacket with a shearling collar.
Opera Gloves
In our modern age, is there really any reason to wear opera gloves when you’re not at the opera? The answer is an emphatic yes! Opera gloves bring a touch of old fashioned elegance to your fall wardrobe, and it’s really up to you to decide how you wear them. You can, of course, wear them with a nice dress for an evening out, but they can also be worn with a short-sleeve sweater or knit dress, and even as a three piece set (think print pants, crop top, matching gloves).
Rich Colors
Fall is usually the season for moodier hues, like deep burgundy and forest green, but it seems like designers aren’t feeling quite so moody this season. Instead, rich colors are still permeating the runway. The pastels of summer are being traded out in favor of a smorgasbord of rich hues like royal red, irish green, and royal blue. 
Tailored Suits
There’s a bit of menswear inspiration in this year’s fall trends, but with touches of femininity. Earlier in the year we saw oversized blazers making their way into wardrobes, but for fall, a tailored look is more in vogue. Try a suit jacket that tapers in at the waist for more definition, or have dress pants fit perfectly to your body shape. A little tailoring goes a long way.
This season’s fall looks are a little unexpected, but that’s why we’re so in love with them! From 20s opera gloves to 70s metallics, we’re taking the best parts of decades past and celebrating them in a new way.