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Accessories for Your Warm Weather Wardrobe

By Sara Antonuccio
Accessorizing when the weather is warm is a delicate balance between looking sharp and staying cool. Your accessories should be light, colorful, and complement your summer outfits. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
Linen Scarf
Scarves in the summer seem like a one way ticket to heat stroke, but the right scarf can elevate your summer look. Choose linen, which is the perfect material for warm weather. It’s light, breathable, and is practically the signature fabric of the season. The best colors to choose for a linen scarf are pale shades like soft blues, pinks, and greens.
Hair Wrap
Hair can be the biggest annoyance during warm weather, especially when it’s long. Tie it up out of the way in a trendy hair wrap! Also called hair turbans, the ideal summer hair wrap is made from silk or satin and comes in bold colors and fun patterns. You can also raid your existing wardrobe for soft scarves to wrap your hair up in, but just remember that lighter materials are best. 
Layered Necklaces
Layered necklaces are practically a summer staple. There’s something so bohemian, beachy, and fun about them! Layering involves putting together two or more necklaces of varying lengths, usually with a 1-2 inch length difference between them. For example, you could do a short plain chain, then a slightly longer one with tiny charms going all the way around, and finish it with a long necklace with a medium-sized or large charm on the end. There really are no rules, though, and you can mix and match until you find the combo that suits you!
Leather Bucket Bag
Summer is filled with light, breezy fabrics and soft looks like skirts and sundresses. The contrast created when you add a leather bag to that is super stylish! Bucket bags are all the rage right now; they’re the perfect size, and they’re a little more fun and youthful than other purse styles. Leather bucket bags might be more expensive, but they’re also investment pieces. Even faux leather can last for a good many seasons to come.
Oversized Square Sunglasses
Everyone loves a good pair of oversized sunglasses. They’re effortlessly chic and add a pop of glam to any look. This year our favorite oversized frame style is square, but if that doesn’t suit your face shape, rectangle is just as good. Try to find a pair with thick frames rather than the frameless look that has been popular in past seasons.
Summer accessorizing is as simple as layering necklaces, tying your hair up in a lovely scarf, and slipping on a pair of oversized sunglasses. Style doesn’t get much easier!