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5 Ways to Style the Shacket Like a Pro

By Andrea Spanik
Trends come and go, but if there’s one trend that we think could have some serious staying power, it’s the shacket. A cross between a shirt and a jacket, this style item generally has a looser fit with the staples of a jacket (i.e. buttons and/zipper). 
Basically, we’ve got the perfect layering piece for those days where your heavy winter jacket is too much, but you still want something to keep you protected from a chill. 
Sound good? Let’s learn how we can wear the shacket. 
1)    Style over a dress
We love a good spring dress, but oftentimes, especially in those early days of spring, it can be a little chilly for a dress. 
Enter the shacket. 
Ideal for layering over a dress, you can keep your shacket loose and open for a more relaxed feel, or opt for more of a blazer-style shacket with a plaid print for something sophisticated and chic. 
2)    Try leather 
That’s right—you can absolutely rock a shacket in leather. In fact, a leather shacket is one of the must-have staples of spring. 
Ideally suited for both cool daytime looks and chic evening styles, a leather shacket is not only luxurious, but it’s also extremely versatile. 
3)     Can’t fail with denim 
Regardless of your style preferences, a shacket with jeans will never fail you. Opt for a boxy fit if you want more of that laid-back feel, or feel free to rock a bold color if you want something a little more statement-making. 
We love styling a shacket with jeans because you can try various styles, play with color, and a shacket will always look good, no matter what style of jeans you go for (i.e. cropped, flared, bootcut, distressed, or high-waisted, it all works). 
4)    Try different textures 
Shackets come in a range of colors, prints, and materials, but also don’t forget to try out some texture options like sherpa, corduroy, or even quilted. 
These textures work with a variety of styles and pairings, so our best piece of advice would be to stick with textures you’re already familiar with and love. We want you to get plenty of use out of your shacket, so don’t go too wild if you’re someone who doesn’t usually experiment with style. 
5)    Cropped and/or belted 
And lastly, if you’re not exactly a fan of the more loose and baggy fit that we tend to see associated with the shacket, don’t forget that you can also try cropped and belted options. 
These options are great if you’re going for a more feminine look, or you’re wearing loose-fitting bottoms. To keep things proportioned, in this case, a fitted shacket is likely your best bet. 
Bottom line: The shacket is an extremely versatile and wearable piece, no matter what your personal style preferences. Try one out for yourself today, and we’ve got a feeling you’ll soon be ranting and raving about the shacket yourself.