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5 Handbag Styles We’re Loving Right Now

By Sara Antonuccio
Handbags are the unsung heroes of the accessory world. Sure, they’re to some extent necessary (where else are you supposed to stash your emergency candy supply?), but they can also complement or elevate your outfit. If you think that handbag you’ve had for years is perfectly adequate, look over these styles we’re in love with and you just might change your mind:
  1. Rounded Silhouettes
Curvy bags are the current crowd pleasers. From half moons to full on circles of suede and leather, every designer is embracing the universal shape. Circular bags tend to be on the smaller side, so if you don’t need a ton of room to hold your essentials, this might be the style for you. 

2. The Daytime Clutch
There was a time when the famous clutch purse was reserved for fancy dinners or evenings at the opera, but these days we’re carrying a clutch for every occasion! Casual daytime clutches are gaining popularity, and what separates them from their formal cousins is simplicity. Forget all the frills, beading, and bedazzling, and stick to simple materials and colors for your daytime looks. 

3. Oversized Totes
If the average handbag size just doesn’t cut it for you, you’ll be happy to know that oversized is in! The bigger the tote, the better; if you could fit a medium sized dog in it, you’re doing it right. Real and faux leather are the favorite materials for oversized tote bags, but recycled materials are popular as well. 

4. Crossbody Messenger Bags
Messenger-style bags tend to bounce back and forth between trendy and outdated, but this year they’re back on fashion’s good side. Designers are showing crossbody messenger bags in lux fabrics like suede, with bright colors and elegant buckles. They’re the perfect everyday, all purpose bag.

5. Pillow Puffed
All this year, people have been raving about the “pillow purse”. This purse style looks, you guessed it, like a fluffy pillow that would fit in at home on the bed instead of on your arm. Also called puffer bags, pillow purses can be found in every shape, size, and style, from shoulder bags to totes to crossbody and more. 
A good handbag does more than carry your stuff around; it gives your look a polished feeling and says something about who you are. Which purse style speaks to your inner fashionista?